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"Hyrig" or Dad Green T-Shirt featuring David of Sassoon
15.00 Each
in Armenian or Dad on a green T-Shirt featuring the Statue of the Great Armenian Hero David of Sassoon

"Park Kez Der" Glory be to God Desk Top Stand
12.00 Each
A daily reminder with a blue or a red
rose and a gold cross.

"Park Kez Der" Small Cross
12.00 Each
Park Kez Der
means Glory and Praise be to God. It is written on a small white porecelain cross that can be hung anywhere.

"Deruh Eem Hovives eh" Cross. The Lord is My Shepherd
13.00 Each
Deruh Eem Hovives eh
It means The Lord is my Shephered. written on a small white porecelain cross that can be hung anywhere. It features a golden dove on top of the cross

"Paree Yegak" Coffee Cups with Ararat and the Cross 6cups 6 saucers
48.00 Each
Armenian Demitasse Coffee Cups with a Sketch of Ararat and Masis, the Sun shining through and the Cross proudly displayed on Top of the white peaks. Set of 6 cups and 6 saucers for 48.00

"Paree Yegak" Coffee Cup with a Needle-Point Cross. Set of 4
32.00 Each
Paree Yegak
inscripted on a white Armenian Coffee Cup with the Cross on both sides of the cup.

"Paree Yegar" Armenian Coffee Cups with Navy Blue Design
60.00 Each
Armenian Coffee Cups with a navy blue design + "Paree Yegar" or Welcome in Armenian. 1 dozen of each cup and saucer for 60.00.

Armenian Coffee Cup with the Armenian Flag
60.00 Per Dozen
Demitasse Armenian Coffee Cup with the Aremian Flag in Red, Blue and Orange encircling it. Half dozen of cups and their saucers for 60.00.

"Paree Yegar" Coffee Cup with Silver Design
60.00 Per Dozen
Paree Yegar
Armenian Coffee Cups with Silver Geometric Design. Paree Yegar means Welcome. A dozen of these cups with their saucers sells for 60.00.

"Shnorhavor Soorp Tznoont" Armenian Coffee Cups
60.00 Per Half-Dozen
Shnorhavor Soorp Tznoont
or Merry Christmas is written on one side of the coffee cup and

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